30 May 2017

Can you code it?

In the lead up to the HSC, there are various interesting projects coming to life as you take a stroll around the technology rooms. One particular course that isn’t often heard of is the HSC Software Design and Development class.

Building on skills learnt across various streams of computer software design, this year’s cohort have come up with some very interesting concepts for their Major Design project.

Take for example George Litsas’ (12/KL) exam timer software program that will allow the exam supervisor to display multiple exams at once and run them concurrently. The timer will be able to pause, start and stop exams independently and allow reading times to be set independently.

Harrison Stirton (12/PR) is designing an online web application linked with the Newington College login system, which enables members of the Newington College Cadet Unit to more effectively administrate, manage and organise cadets gear and events.

Meanwhile, Thomas David (12/MA) is designing a website that allows users to discover bands from their preferred genre while Lachlan Fisher (12/FL) discovered a problem with the diary on SPACES in that to access it you have to load SPACES on a web browser and sometimes it logs you out. His idea is to create a simple web/phone app that can be used to access the schools timetable system.

While learning to drive, Nicholas Flood (12/MO) realised that the most tedious and annoying part in the process is the filling out of a log book. In response to this, he is designing an electronic log book which is aimed at making the log book a lot more efficient and easy to use.

This year the diversity has really challenged each boy in the way he adapts his skills and problem solve – a true testament to the great design culture that exists within the class headed by their teacher Mr David Phillips.

We can’t wait to see the outcome of these various projects later in the year.

Mr Richard Burgess
Head of Design and Technology



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