30 May 2017

Day in the life of a New Barista

At the beginning of Term 2, the Year 12 HSC Hospitality class attended a day course in the city at ‘Coffee School Sydney,’ where they learnt the ins and outs of brewing perfect coffee. Each boy was setup with their own machine and were thrown into the deep end, with real coffee and milk. By making coffee after coffee, they started to get the hang of things and began producing cafe quality coffees. 

From cappuccinos to macchiatos, mochas to flat whites, they were put through their paces, completing time-based challenges where students paired up and requested an order then made coffees for one another. In the afternoon, the boys were taught the skill of latte art; many hearts were made (and broken) along with leaves, stars, abstract designs and even a map of Australia!

At the end of the day, the boys were exhausted, being on their feet for over five hours crafting hundreds of coffees, but had gained knowledge,  and developed skills of producing all sorts of coffees by name; texturing the perfect silky milk, brewing fresh coffee then distributing the correct amounts dependent on the coffee choice. All in all, everyone was able to get something out of it, for those who don’t wish to continue into the hospitality industry – good experience and qualification for a part time job in the coming years after the HSC, and for those hoping to enter the industry, an essential skill to add to their repertoire.

Harrison Stirton (12/PR)
Year 12 HSC Hospitality Student


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