30 May 2017

Founders Society

The Founders Society is Newington’s Bequest program, established to recognise, honour and cherish during their lifetime those who have left a bequest to Newington in their Will.  

The annual Founders Society Lunch was held this year on Friday, 19 May, welcoming four new members to the Founders Society. Those present were honoured to experience the outstanding talent of Year 8 Scholarship holder Hugh Matthews performing one of Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concertos to a standing ovation.

Each year at the Founder Society Lunch, seven members are invited to speak about their time at Newington, the impact it has made on their lives and how they want to ensure boys of the future receive the same experience.

Rob Wild (ON 1965), son and father of late Old Boys himself, expressed the following thoughts…

“When we complete our education at Newington, we walk out those gates taking a lot away with us. But what do we leave? What do we give that can enhance the experience of future generations of students and help ensure the sustainability of what Newington offers?

“The answer for many of us is – not much!

“Including Newington in your Will is a tangible way of doing just that – maybe only in a small way individually but in a major way collectively. It feels right to give something back.”

Rob’s words echo the sentiment of all members of the Founders Society – the opportunity to leave a legacy – small or large – that will benefit generations of boys, forever.

The Founders Society supports the College’s Endowment Fund as they recognise that our Diversity is our strength. With 124 members, these generous benefactors will, in time, ensure that we have the College we want in the years ahead. But we need more members. We aim to reach 400 members to make a more meaningful difference for the future.

Will you join the Club? – your legacy, large or small, will make a difference.

If you would like to join the Founders Society or have a confidential chat about the College’s Bequest program with the Director of Community and Development Rod Bosman (ON 1978), you can contact Rod by phone 02 9568 9540 or email at rbosman@newington.nsw.edu.au


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