22 Feb 2019

Camp – Stage 2

Stage 2 Camp to Galston

What a way to kick off the year! Stage 2 boys had the wonderful opportunity to attend a Crusaders Camp in Galston during Week 2 from 6-8 February 2019.

Incredible blue skies and very friendly camp leaders were there to greet us all when we arrived at camp. Fun and active games on the oval created a hearty appetite for the delicious lunch that was served in the dining room. In the afternoon, the boys were soon settled into their cabins and most excited about experiencing the fun and challenges that camp would bring them.

Activities such as BMX bike riding, vertical pole climb, initiative games in the hall and rock climbing were all on the fun agenda for the next three days. The boys also played outside games such as basketball, soccer and Ga-Ga Ball. There was an opportunity for the boys to have some free time in the afternoon following their swim in the beautiful pool, which went down like a treat on such hot, sunny days!

Here are some of the Year 3 & 4 boys’ reflections from the camp:-

Yuan Hao Chen – “I never thought I would make it to the blue strip on the vertical climbing pole, but I did!

Oliver Cooper – “My camp was absolutely epic as the activities were really fun.”

Ivan Zhao – “I found rock climbing challenging but I had a go.” 

Zak Nachabe – “I found the camp epic and awesome because I loved the leaders. I found the BMX tricky.”

Anthony Fernandez – “The activities were utterly and completely awesome! I loved them! 

Aidan Lilley – “I loved seeing the camp leaders again. The rock climbing and the vertical pole climb were the best.” 

James Lu – “I loved the food and the BMX bikes.” 

Aaryn Jata – “The vertical pole climb was fantastic. I made it all the way to the top!”

A wonderful time was had by everyone!

Leonie Russell – Year 3 Teacher




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