22 Feb 2019

Mathematical Support from Parents

Supporting your son’s mathematical development

During the mathematics parent information session at Lindfield held on the evening of Friday 1 February this year, I recommended three books which provide guidance for parents in ways they can support their son’s mathematical development.  Below I have reviewed these books.

Maths for Mums and Dads. Take the Pain out of Maths Homework by Rob Eastaway & Mike Askew

This is an easy to read guide which explains current practices in mathematics and helps parents understand some of the current strategies and terminology students use. It is aimed at helping parents re-engage with maths, to see the subject in a new light and to help parents understand why maths is taught differently these days.  The book includes some great ideas to help both parents and their children enjoy mathematics.

What’s Math Got To Do With It?  How parents and teachers can help children learn to love their least favorite subject by Jo Boaler

This book provides an interesting look at current issues around mathematics education.  The topics include a look at assessment, gender difference, key strategies and advice on how to give children the best mathematical start.  The book offers a range of practical advice for parents and teachers.

Woo’s Wonderful World Of Maths by Eddie Woo

Eddie Woo has written this book which contains a collection of short essays which reveal how mathematics lies beneath the surface in practically every aspect of our lives.  A great read to help parents find ways to weave mathematical discourse into everyday events with your son.


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