23 Nov 2018

Celebrating Visual Arts at Lindfield!

Each week at Assembly an ‘Art Shot of the Week’ is presented to showcase the efforts the boys have put into their visual art. It also helps boys in other grades understand what their peers have accomplished.

As a part of Kindergarten’s current Unit of Inquiry into families, the boys created their own family portraits. A lot of discussion was generated about how many people were in each family. The different coloured eyes and hair, details were added. Many added a foreground and a background to complete their oil pastel and ink artwork.

The Stage two boys have created a soft pastel artwork that highlights the “Human Rights of Children”. The boys were able to identify many of rights that are taken away from children in developing nations. They selected colours that evoked an emotion and lines that expressed a feeling that was incorporated into their work.

The boys in Stage 1 have been working on a mini theatre. They created their own stage, puppet character and props to complete the work. They then needed to find a peer cameraman who would shoot the production in a professional manner. All their work was captured on video using the Book Creator app.

It was a perfect Spring day when the Year 5 boys attempted the paint dripping methods of Jackson Pollock. After looking at his many works and studying the history of his work. The boys found it wasn’t as easy as Jackson Pollock makes it look. The boys did well to control their brushes when applying paint to their sculpture forms. They are looking forward to taking their work home at the end of the term.

The Stage 3’s art shot revealed how they had made “Graduation Self Portraits”. Using a grid the boys drew their face and selected images that were important to them during their time at Newington. All boys worked hard with pencil to complete the work. Some of the boys’ work will be used for the graduation invitation. All works will be displayed in the library when we celebrate the Year 6 boys at their graduation.

Kylie Bain – Art Teacher


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