23 Nov 2018


End of Year Performances

Roseville College Visits

During week 3, girls in Years 3 and 4 from Roseville College visited Newington and joined with our boys in Years 2, 3, 4 and 5 playing their instruments. It was lots of fun and a great experience to create larger ensembles. The Band was around 80 and there were two string groups. While there was no performance at the end of the days, each group was able to play at least 4 pieces together.

International Market

Creating a Flashmob at the beginning of the International Market by the School Band was a lot of fun. It was a great challenge for the boys – learning the music by heart and then really listening to make sure that they were playing together as they came together. They then continued to play a selection of pieces.

The visiting performers were lovely. The Taiwanese Flag Dances were amazing. The acrobatic skills of the Brazilian group and finally our own Bollywood Dances from Year 5 and 6.

The Senior School String Group played a fun selection of music. It was great seeing the talent from the Senior School. The singing section of the performance time was made up of Christmas Carols being sung by the Junior Primary boys and Year 5. It was lovely to see the boys having so much fun singing these traditional songs.

Then School Choir sang two fun songs about food – Raining Tacos and Oooo Barbecue. Both these songs the boys really enjoyed learning.

Instrumental Concerts

All the boys who play a string instrument performed on Tuesday evening this week. This concert is the culmination of what the boys have achieved during this year. The Year 2 ensemble ended their section with Jingle Bells with the Year 3 boys beginning their section with another Christmas song – Up on the House Top. This was the final time all the Year 3 boys will play together as a group. Some will keep learning their string instrument and play as part of the School String Ensemble. For others, they will move on to a Wind and Brass instrument.

The Wind and Brass players had their concert on Thursday evening. This was the final time the Year 5 boys play together. This year there were two Year 5 Ensembles and each group played their own repertoire. This is only the second time this year the Year 4 band has performed at a concert. They will be performing again at Lourdes, the Aged Care Facility across the valley next week. Earlier in the term Year 4 joined singing forces with the people at the centre and sang as a choir. All the boys and the Lourdes residents had a great time. We are looking forward to returning.

Vanessa South – Music Co-ordinator


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