23 Nov 2018

Changing of the Guard – Year 6

As the academic year draws to a close, schools come into the reflection and celebratory mode of acknowledging hard work, positive contributions and looking to the year ahead.

For Stage 3, the end of the year marks a significant step for both Years 5 and 6.  Our Year 6 boys are preparing for the next big change in their educational journey.  This time of year can be very challenging for the leaving group. They are ready and waiting, while Year 5 is preparing itself for the responsibility of leading the student body.

Last week, Year 5 stepped up and met with their 2019 Year 6 teachers.  The purpose was to discuss their final primary school year, understand the expectations of school leadership as well as have the opportunity to express what their ambitions and expectations of next year are.

Over this term, Year 6 has been busy preparing for Year 7 by meeting with significant staff (for them) from Stanmore.  This has given the boys the opportunity to clarify expectations and allay the normal nervousness and trepidation that moving to secondary school brings.  Adults can sometimes forget what a big step this is. We know they’ll be fine and that they’re embarking on an exciting time. Fortunately, they have caring teachers and mentors to assist them.  Those not going to Stanmore have reported similar care and support from their new schools.

Before the big move happens, Year 6 had a Fair Day to organise, a Final Assembly to enjoy with each other, a Graduation Ceremony to celebrate with teachers and family and then the Prize Giving as their last event prior to leaving.

Year 5 then have the real sense of moving into the Year 6 space and assuming the mantle of school leaders.

Perhaps fittingly, both year groups spent the day together on 19 November in a surf skills day at North Narrabeen to enjoy being together as a single group for the last time before heading their separate ways.


David Musgrove – Year 6 Teacher


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