15 Mar 2019

Kids Giving Back – Year 6

“To those whom much is given, much is expected.” Robert Frost.

The current Year 6 cohort of boys spent a lot of time last year considering how they could be of service to others. We used the quote above to encourage them to be grateful for what they have, but also to think about how they could make a difference to the lives of others. They had a fantastic 2018 helping at Cromehurst School, aiding children with physical and intellectual difficulties, which I believe gave the boys a greater sense of worth based upon their reflections at the end of last year.

Last week, those same boys, who are now in Year 6, spent some time at Kids Giving Back, an organisation that works with others to feed and clothe people who need a helping hand. Throughout the course of the day the boys prepared approximately 50 fresh meals for a local homeless shelter. They also worked collaboratively to sort approximately 4500 items of clothing, many intended for an asylum seeker centre in Sydney’s West. The experience proved to be a powerful one for the boys, and they summarised what the day meant through a quote. Here are a selection of their responses:

Sam C – Even though people may have lost their dignity, there is always hope that they will get it back.

Angus – One weight tips the scales towards restoring people’s dignity.

Felix L – After we finished I was very satisfied because we fed many people and gave people clean fresh clothes. 

William E – By helping others, it can make people’s day but it also makes your day.

Jake – Even the slightest thing can make the biggest difference.

Jack I – The impact you make is the impression you leave.

Aidan C – It’s amazing that one person can give someone a chance at a new life and know that people notice and care for them.


I believe that it is important to remember that sometimes we all need a little help getting back on our feet again, and the boys spent the day helping people less fortunate than themselves to have a sense of dignity again. Thank you to the Year 6 boys for their effort and contribution.

Sam Watson – Year 6 Teacher


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