15 Mar 2019

My Grandparents

It is always a great occasion to welcome our grandparents and special friends into the classroom.  The boys absolutely love to have visitors to the classroom and show them their skills. Thank you to the Year 2 parents for organising and delivering an exceptional morning tea.

I asked the boys of Year 2 to give me one sentence about their grandparents.

Ted – My favourite thing to do with grandparents is to play board games with them. My Dad’s dad is really good (but maybe he doesn’t always listen to the rules).

Lucas – I have four grandparents, two of them live in Australia and two of them live in China. I like them because they are friendly and they love me.

Jamie – My grandparents are special and I wish that I got to see them more, but they live in England.

Sam – I like my grandparents because they are funny and they always bring me treats!

Rhys – My Grandad is very nice to me and he’s also very very funny!

Ethan – I love spending time with my grandparents because they are fun and funny!

Hamish – I think my grandpa is really funny because he always gives me playful headlocks when I come to his house.

Alex – I love my grandparents because they spend time with me watching the Adelaide Crows win.

Taichi – My grandparents are funny and buy me new things like my baseball glove.

Christian H – My favourite thing to do with my grandparents is have fun doing everything we can!

Corbin – My grandparents are really great because they do lots of kind things for me.

Christian – My grandparents are really kind because they give me treats!

Jake – My grandparents are great because they help me with stuff I am stuck in.

Oliver – My grandparents are special family members who help my mum look after my brothers and they take me to my soccer training.

Jonathon – My grandparents are really great because they play board games with me.

Jackson – My grandparents are very adventurous because they go on cruises all the time!

Carol Peterson – Year 2 Teacher


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