27 Sep 2019

PYP Year 6 Exhibition

It is one day before the 2019 Year 6 Exhibition opens.  It’s a day of preparation; a day where everything done over the past six weeks comes together.  This is the work of the boys.  They determined their area of inquiry based on their interests or passions.  They set the agenda for their research.  They created their plan and the curation of their exhibit.

Here we are then with just over a day to go and activity is everywhere.  When involved in experiences such as The Exhibition or, putting on major events, it always seems like just one more week would make a difference.  If only we had a little more time, it would be that much better.  Now as there is paper, thumb tacks, cardboard, piles of shoes, representations of brains hanging from the ceiling, a tent, a wave pool and generally mess everywhere, we wonder how this will come together.

The opening of The Exhibition has a creative element to it.  For this, the boys have been grouped to compose a song for each of the six Transdisciplinary Themes.  This will highlight the fact that for the first time, Newington Lindfield is not focusing on one theme, but allowing the boys to really look at where their passions are and look deeply into the issues surrounding them.  Do they have an interest in the environment, is it more about health issues, the creative domain or, is there something in sport that floats their boat?  So, we have to leave the mess and head up for rehearsal.  They seem ready but possibly a few more sessions would nail it.

A hectic day before and as it draws to a close, we think we’re ready.  Tomorrow is a big day.  Presenting to the school before lunch time, welcoming Roseville College Year 6 girls in the afternoon.  They too, will soon be on their Exhibition journey.  Finally, the evening where parents, family and friends descend and, for the first time, see the culmination of many weeks’ work.  There’s a sense of nervous anticipation as we close the doors with 24 hours to go.

The big day is exactly that.  Final touches in the morning.  The scheduled visits during the day prove to be very rewarding and of great help in refining presentations.  A quick opening rehearsal is squeezed in.  Now for the night.

What were we worrying about?  The Exhibition flows wonderfully.  The boys opening presentation is received with applause.  In the Exhibition spaces, boys and adults engage in deep and meaningful discussion around process, inquiry and new knowledge.  Prepared speeches are outstanding.  Every boy has stepped up.

The Exhibition as, with any presentation will never have enough time.  There will always be the feeling that it could be better.  The night proved that in all these things, the hard work is done.  The final rush will always happen.  Mess will always require cleaning up with just enough time before presentation.  The boys excelled and had a great time doing so.   


Final word from some of the boys…

As hard and as stressful it was, it all came together in the end and everyone did their fair share.” Henry Lapham

“It was hard to make but easy to present.” George Dunham

“Taking part in a debate is a good way to get people engaged.” Felix Ancher

“It was long and stressful but worth it in the end.” Lachie Brownrigg

“At the beginning of the process it was all over the place.  Towards the end it became more organised and we could see where we were going.” Felix Lee

“It’s a great experience to be able to follow your passion and achieve something great.” Oliver Senior

David Musgrove – Year 6 Teacher


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