02 Jun 2017

Stage 1 – Going Green

Stage 1 have had a great start to their latest unit around plant life.  The boys have worked like botanists exploring and observing plant life in and around the school.  The intent has been for the boys to understand and appreciate the value of plants and why we need to ensure we act respectfully and responsibly in order to preserve and foster this vital natural resource.

To engage the students in this study we took advantage of the superb natural environment which surrounds the school grounds.  The boys were excited to explore beyond the school boundary into Swain Gardens and the bush which lies below.  They were astute in noticing and naming a variety of plant life as well as formulating questions around the reasons why certain plants thrive in these areas as well as the connection that the plants have to other wildlife.

In addition to developing an appreciation for the beauty of plant life, the boys have been developing their knowledge of plant based foods.  We all eat a variety of plants but do we know which part of the plant we are eating?  This has activated some interesting discussions and questions. For example when thinking about corn, what part of the plant are the corn kernels?  The boys have also brought in produce from their home gardens so we could look at the different parts of the plant that we eat.  

We are only two short weeks into the unit and already the boys are brimming with questions which will drive our inquiry over the weeks to come. Some of these questions include; Why are there different trees? Why do trees have flowers? What other plants have flowers? Do all plants have flowers? How do we know when a plant is an adult? The enthusiasm, engagement and curiosity of the boys reflects the power of inquiry learning. We look forward to growing our knowledge and appreciation of plant life!

Mrs Colleen Chan – Year 1 Teacher


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