02 Jun 2017

Supporting Play in Junior Primary

The learning environment is not restricted to the classroom, learning environments are spaces where children have the opportunity to create, explore, communicate and/or share learning experiences.

We have been working to build different learning spaces in the JP playground. As we create different opportunities for the students to play we are encouraging them to try different playground activities and share their play experiences with others. By playing in shared experiences, students are building their communication and collaboration skills as they navigate play together.

In the JP playground we are trying to build different spaces for boys to play that incorporate areas of interest.

  • The Lego Wall creates an opportunity for boys to either independently or collaboratively build creations on the wall. They develop their fine motor skills while building, express creativity and problem solving skills.
  • The book area has been set to provide boys with the opportunity to share books and interests in a different environment. It enables boys of different year groups to share their knowledge or interest in similar books.
  • The Pipe Wall is currently under construction and will create a space where boys can change the direction of the pipes and create different paths for the marbles to run down. This space assists boys in enhancing problem solving skills.
  • The Mini-field is open to JP at recess to allow students to explore the natural environment and play. The boys have been particularly interested in how the ground changes depending on the weather. In this space boys have been playing various ball games together as well as creating constructions with natural materials and demonstrating they are being open-minded, thinkers and communicators.

As boy’s interests and seasons change, we will to continue to support their interests through creating different spaces in the JP playground that enable all types of play and investigation.

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