02 Jun 2017

The Visual Arts Classroom

If you would like a glimpse into what our Newington boys have been up to in the Visual Arts classroom please stop by the office and take a look at the wall of creativity! We have work from Kindy to Year 6 on display for your viewing. 

Kindergarten have filled the display cabinets in the corridor (outside the Year 6 classrooms) with a garden of colour. With a focus on small animals and insects that they find in the garden, the boys have been exploring the ways humans and animals interact. They have created symmetrical butterflies, whilst considering composition, shape and colour. We also have an array of rainbow caterpillars munching their way through paper leaves.   

The Stage One students have spent the term engaged in their Unit of Inquiry ‘Plants are a life-sustaining resource for us and for other living things’. During their art lessons, the boys have considered artwork from a range of artists and have specifically focused on plant life under the sea. The boys have designed their own coral reefs and constructed their own clay fish. We look forward to applying glaze to our bisque fired work.

Stage Two have been inquiring into the central idea, ‘The Arts are never static’. To gain a further understanding of how artwork has changed over time the boys started unpacking work of Renaissance period. Inquiring into what life would be like during the time of Michelangelo, Donatello, Raphael and Leonardo. We discovered where the Ninja Turtles got their name. Creating their own chalk drawing of Henry VIII the boys enjoyed competing in a Kahoot exercise to determine who was the most knowledgeable about Henry VIII’s life. We have also investigated how Edward Munch’s work ‘The Scream’ expresses the artists’ emotional state.

Stage Three have almost completed their skateboard designs on their own skateboard decks. The finishing touches are being applied. They have all worked extremely hard, some applying two to three coats of acrylic paint to get the desired effect. We are looking forward to seeing them completed! 

Mrs Kylie Bain – Art Teacher


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