09 Nov 2017

Year 6 Engineering Task – Our Restless Earth

Last week on Friday the 3rd November, Year 6 participated in an engineering challenge in our STEM lesson. We had to create a structure that could withstand a jelly earthquake. This term, we have been looking at earthquakes and how they are caused by our restless Earth. In this lesson, we had to create a small 3 level structure out of cocktail sticks, marshmallows and cardboard. We defined a three level structure to be an area or space between two pieces of cardboard. We had to use a marshmallow base for our structure so it would be marshmallow on jelly. We were only allowed to use 30 marshmallows for our build. The majority of the buildings withstood the shakes. We had five side to side shakes, then back and forth, and finally a really hectic shake side to side. Many boys had been smart with the way they built their structures, growing smaller as we learnt about the properties of what an earthquake safe building would be like. I believe we had a fun STEM lesson, and I think I can say that for everyone.

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