09 Nov 2017

Artist of the Week

Years 3 – 6 Artist of the Week

This week, Artist of the Week comes from Year 4 and their amazing Australian Bird paintings. The boys worked at making traditional paintings with a background layer and then the detailed layer on top. The boys were using their previous knowledge of the colour wheel, so they knew how to mix their colours.

Congratulations  to Sebastian Wong, Oscar Shaw, Daniel Muir, Sebastian Reinitz, Andrew Wayling, Adam Williams and Jack Duddy for their amazing noticing and painting skills.


Also Year 5 have completed their ‘Monster prints’ to complement their ceramic Monsters.  The boys used block printing techniques to make a black print on coloured paper.

Congratulations to Joshua Ibrahim, Alan Li. Alexander Kosmas and Callan Rixom for their interesting and sophisticated prints.

Meredith Buining
3-6 Visual Arts Teacher 

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