09 Nov 2017

Flight of Wyverns – Year 5 & 6 Enrichment Day

The Year 5 and 6 boys kicked off Week 5 with the ‘Flight of Wyverns’ Enrichment Day at Wyvern, where the boys challenged themselves in da Vinci Decathlon style activities. The students, split into 4 ‘Dragon Teams’ competed in Art, Music, Creative Writing, Mathematics, History & Cartography, Robotics, STEM, ICT and Modern Trivia. The day was conducted in good spirit, with some excellent creativity, imagination and collaboration between the Year 5 and 6 boys. It was great to see our Year 6 boys back at Wyvern, guiding the Year 5’s in the intricacies of being great leaders. Congratulations to each winner of the individual events, and the winning ‘Dragon Team’, Bignor Hill.

Justin Brayley
Year 5 Team Leader

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