05 Sep 2019

Artist of the Week

K – 2 Artists of the Week

Jakey Nalliah 2S

Geordan Kypreos 2B

Nicholas Paradise 2B

Year 2 thoroughly enjoyed working on their mixed media self-portrait sculptures. 

They carefully selected small pieces by exploring an array of recycled materials and bits and bobs.  Great conversations were had as the boys discovered interesting objects, arranged them on their canvas and bartered to swap pieces with each other.  Through this experience, the boys explored the idea of drawing the viewer into the artwork by the careful placement of objects, and by the layering of materials to create interest. 

We look forward to showcasing these sculptures at the Wyvern Biennale early next term.  Well done, Year 2!

Yelena Rubie
K – 2 Visual Arts Teacher





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