A Message from the Head of Stanmore

The army has to be an inclusive organisation in which every soldier … is to be able to reach their full potential and is encouraged to do so. Those who think that is it okay to behave in a way that demeans or exploits their colleagues has no place in this army. … Every one of us is responsible for the culture and reputation of our army and the environment in which we work. If you become aware of any individual degrading another, then show moral courage and take a stand against it!
Lt General David Morrison – June 2013


May I start by bringing to your attention the current Chief of Army’s powerful words to his soldiers following the recent sex scandal in our Armed Services. General Morrison made many valid points and if we were to substitute the word ‘army’ for ‘Newington’ the same theme and determination remains here at Stanmore. We can never hope to successfully overcome the racism, the sexism, or any other fear if we don’t have the courage to take a stand! As General Morrison concludes: The standards you walk past are the standards you accept! Watch it here. This is most definitely worth discussing with your son(s) and our boys will explore this further next term in mentor groups.

Co-curricular success

I am delighted to report that in our 150th year, the College has enjoyed further co-curricular success since our Junior athletic victory in early May. A fortnight ago, our debaters were victorious in the FED Finals with our Senior B and Year 10 teams defeating excellent opponents. Meanwhile, while being narrowly defeated in the Senior A team, Sebastian Rees was selected in the NSW Debating Team. Musically, the Rockfest showcased an amazing array of talent that even ‘The Voice’ would be proud of! Similarly, this week our Intermediate and Senior boys will contest in the Semi Finals of the Impro Australia Theatre-sports Competition. Finally in sport, six boys were chosen for GPS Football representation and eleven Rugby players were selected for GPS representation, including seven in the First XV. Four Cross Country Runners will represent the College at the State carnival! ‘Character’ remains the key ingredient to success in all these fields and I thank the boys, staff and parents for their contributions!

HSC/IB Diligence

I remind all Year 12 students that the July holidays provide an excellent opportunity for all boys to reflect on their progress over the past semester. Please read carefully your teachers’ advice from your recent reports and act upon their instructions in the calm of holidays and the comfort of your home. The library will be open in the third week between 9.00am and 3.00pm should you like assistance with any research tasks or need a different environment to study. Please note the HSC and IB Trial examinations commence next term on Monday 19 August.

Applications for Leave

Please note that all applications for leave from school for one day or more must be sent to myself in writing or by email. The request for leave should contain the dates being requested and the reason, and provide as much notice as possible, to give the necessary time to for the College to consider the request. Ms Moretti, Mr Meakin’s Assistant, will then confirm in writing, whether or not leave has been granted. If a student misses sport, then please forward your explanation to the Sport Administration Manager, Mr Mark Oliphant.

Overseas Tours

This June/July, the College bids farewells to three touring parties. Mr Verco is leading a K-12 NSW Snow Sports team in the inter school ski competition to Thredbo. Meanwhile Mr Madden and Chaplain Bennett will lead our Service Learning trip to an Aboriginal Community in the Daintree region of Far North Queensland. Finally, we wish our senior footballers, Mr Dene, Mr Crook and Mr Verco and every success as they compete in G6 knockout competition in Adelaide. All four groups are incredibly fortunate and I know they will wear our School colours with pride!

Best wishes for the forthcoming holidays!


Dr Andrew Hirst
Head of Stanmore 



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