12 Jun 2019

Final edition of Black & White

This will be the last edition of Black & White. The newsletter has had a long life at Newington. It launched as a printed publication in 1995 then, from 2012, continued in digital format. It has covered everything from lip synch fundraisers to sporting victories, Back to Newington Day to how to treat burns. It has been a valuable means of keeping the College community up to date with what’s going on.

However, Newington’s presence on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn has grown considerably in recent years and many Black & White reports are available on other platforms much sooner. As well, the boys have now launched the new digital student magazine Censored, which speaks their language about things they are interested in. Our analytics for Black & White suggest most people either already know the information or are skim-reading the landing page without clicking through to articles.

Black & White’s regular columnists will still have a home. ‘From the nurse’ will appear on an ad hoc basis on Spaces, and the regular piece from our chaplains will be published on the Pastoral Space. Sport reports will move to Sport Space. Archivist David Roberts’ insights into the history of the College will move to the College website. The Head of Stanmore newsletter will expand as needed to include additional information or links.

Please don’t hesitate to let the Communications team know about anything you believe would be of interest to the College community. They can be contacted on communications@newington.nsw.edu.au


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