20 Jun 2017

Introducing SchoolTV

To complement the Wellbeing Series, which aims to equip parents with the tools and required knowledge to have tough conversations, the Head of Students, Mr Bob Meakin and Newington ICT have joined forces to bring you SchoolTV.

SchoolTV is an online resource that showcases content from leading Australian Wellbeing providers such as Beyond Blue, HeadSpace and ReachOut to offer information and guidance to you and your son on issues such as:

  • Social Media and Digital Reputation
  • Sexting
  • Cyberbullying
  • Drug & Alcohol Use
  • Suicide & Self-harm
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

Within each of these topics are short videos, interviews with leading specialists and factsheets to help you remain informed regarding some of the concerns facing young people today. 

In the upcoming Black and White newsletters, we will be unpacking some of these concerns edition-by-edition to help parents and boys remain savvy and safe. 

To get started with SchoolTV simply log onto SPACES and click on SchoolTV on the right hand side menu titled ‘My Places to Go’ or Click Here.


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