20 Jun 2017

The 39 Steps

Mounting a production of The 39 Steps is like juggling the complete works of Agatha Christie – weighty, wordy, suspenseful situations flying through the air with theatrical trickery and a generous dose of absolute silliness. It is the kind of play that takes a cast who are willing to
 be flexible, energetic and have a bit more than your average amount of fun on stage.

Under the direction of Mr Ben Williams and supported by Mrs Rosalind McKenzie and Mr Ian Oosterhoff, the cast and crew from Years 9 and 10 along with girls from PLC Sydney brought this weird and wonderful spy-action spoof to life.

For the sake of art, the performers were willing to put on characters at a moment’s notice and to tackle problems as varied as affecting ridiculously broad Scottish accents or traveling in a vehicle held together by nothing but the willing suspension of disbelief.

Hearty congratulations to the cast, led ably by Philip Langshaw (10/MA), crew and staff involved. And a big thank you to all who came to support the show!

Ms Tamara Smith
Head of Drama


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