20 Jun 2017

The Importance of Holidays

Holidays are a wonderful way to have a break from regular routines and recharge our batteries. We might get a chance to travel, catch up with friends or family, finally read that book we got for Christmas or really get stuck into the garden. Students can spend more time with friends, biking, skating, surfing, getting to the movies or just time at the park. No nightly homework has got to be a plus and not having to think about school the next day is liberating for everyone.

Hopefully you will also get to have some family time where as a family you try something new. Family holidays help promote family memories. Hopefully we feel more relaxed so conversations are easier, we laugh more and maybe appreciate each other more even if we don’t realise it at the time.

Planning for a holiday is a good bonding exercise with each person getting a say in what they would like to do or see. Learning to save for a special event is important and can make you value it more. There is scientific proof that travelling enables you to think more creatively – detaching from a familiar environment can help every gain new perspective on everyday life.

‘Reflecting on our happiest memories of joyful time spent together as a family can be extremely powerful in bringing relief and respite when faced with the darker times that life can bring’.

My Mum and Dad loved an ice cream on holidays!

Of course holidays may not always be what you had hoped for. You may experience

  • Stress
  • Travel delays
  • Jet lag
  • Money worries
  • ‘All that time together’
  • Nothing to do “I’m bored”
  • All your friends are away
  • Chores

Changes in routine can sometimes cause young people to feel isolated and alone so here are some tips to help prevent this.

  • Encourage them to keep in touch with friends to help maintain relationships.
  • Give them responsibility at home like looking after a pet or choosing and helping to cook for dinner.
  • Encourage physical activity and join in if you can – walking, swimming, even a visit to an outdoor café.
  • Ensure they are still getting enough regular sleep and healthy food.
  • Try some new recipes, bring out the board games, crosswords, share music or watch family movies to encourage conversation and engagement.

Coming back to school after a break can be stressful. Take note if in the days beforehand your son isn’t sleeping as well or complains of headaches or tummy pains. All can show that he is anxious about school.

Speak positively about school and let them know that you are aware they might feel this way. Tell them it’s normal to have some butterflies but that you will help them get back into the school routine.

Remind them of something they have to look forward to and importantly remind them of the lovely holiday you all (hopefully) just had.

Happy Holidays!

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