02 Nov 2018

2018 International Markets

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Our inaugural International Market is fast approaching and with just under three weeks to go, the boys, the organising committee and the staff are very excited at what we have to offer on the night and the opportunity to engage with the community. Over the next three weeks you will be seeing many updates on SPACES in relation to the stalls, activities, performers and food choices that will be available on the night, so please keep a look out for these.


Friday 16 November from 3pm to 7pm at the Lindfield Campus

Invitations were sent home last week so please share this invitation with your family and friends. Please note that we have limited our publicity of this event to our school community (so you won’t see posters around the Lindfield area) as we are keen to provide an opportunity to engage our school community in a relaxed and casual atmosphere. As with the Carols Concert, which will continue to occur every alternate year, there will be some performances and a designated area to meet and eat.








The primary purpose of this event is to engage the community, to provide our boys with a meaningful and authentic engagement with entrepreneurialism and to support a worthy social justice cause. To this end, all money raised from this event will be donated to House of Welcome. The House of Welcome is a non-profit organisation that exists to welcome, shelter and empower people seeking asylum and refugees. You can find out more about the House of Welcome by watching this video, http://bit.ly/houseofwelcome, which the boys watched at school.


Donation of Christmas Presents

Each year we collect resources (food or otherwise) at our Carols Concert for those who are less advantaged than ourselves, and this year we would like to support the House of Welcome by collecting Christmas presents for boys and girls aged 0-16 years. On 8 December the House of Welcome will host a Christmas Party for asylum seeker families and would love any presents you are able to donate. There will be a Christmas tree setup outside the School Office so please place your presents under the tree (unwrapped or wrapped in cellophane).



The organising committee is thrilled to offer you an opportunity (or several opportunities) to win some great prizes. A list is on our SPACES page. These prizes have been made possible by the generous support of Lindfield parents and the Lindfield community. Our SPACES page will be updated as more prizes are added.  

The boys will have brought home two books of raffle tickets for them to sell at $2 a ticket. If more books are needed these will be made available as books are returned (with cash payment). There will be a prize of a Camelbak drink bottle (kindly donated by the Nickson Family) for the top seller in each class. Please return completed raffle ticket books to your son’s class teacher as soon as they are sold. All remaining books, partially sold or unsold, should be sent back to school by Wednesday 14 November.


Market Currency

To ensure staff and student safety on the night whilst also providing the boys with an opportunity to handle currency there will be a “market currency” in place. The currency is currently being designed and made by our Year 1 boys and will consist of $1, $5 and $10 notes. Next week, once you know more about what will be available at the market, you will be invited to pre-purchase market currency through SPACES and the currency will also be available to purchase at the event.


Student Stalls and Music Performances

Boys and their families are not required to remain at the market for the entire time though we do hope that you take the opportunity to do so. Based on survey responses and the scheduling of some music performances, class teachers will be allocating your son to a half hour time slot where he will be required to assist with his class stall. You will be notified of your son’s assigned time slot at the start of next week so please let your son’s teacher know if the assigned time is not suitable.


Student Involvement and Supervision

When working at class stalls or on set activities, boys will be under the supervision of their class teacher or a Newington Staff member. At all other times, the boys but must be under the supervision of parents/carers unless participating in supervised (by Newington Staff) play on the Mini Field.


Opportunities for Parents to Volunteer

Many parents have offered to assist on the night and we welcome your involvement.  We will shortly be finalising the schedule for the evening and the opportunities where parents can assist. We will share this information in the next week.

We thank you in advance for your support of this exciting new event and welcome any questions or feedback along the way and following the event.


On behalf of the International Market Organising Committee (comprising the P&F, Parents and Teachers)


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