02 Nov 2018

Learning Enhancement

If you read you will succeed!  

With the summer holidays approaching is important that all the boys continue reading during the extended break from school.  It is no surprise that practice makes proficient. The more that children read the better readers they become and the more they enjoy it.

Parents play an important part in modelling and fostering a love of reading.   According to the Scholastic Australia’s Kids and Family Reading Report children are more likely to become frequent readers when they read independently at school, are read to by or read to parents at home and are able to choose their own books.

Shared reading time allows children to engage with the books and story being told.  The Scholastic report found that 90% of children like or love being read to and described it as a special time with their parents.  90% percent of children interviewed also indicated that they are more likely to enjoy and finish a book they have picked out themselves.

What should you be looking for to encourage reading development?

  •      Oral Language: spoken language is a fundamental to literacy and a predictor of reading development
  •      Phonics: The ability to match letters to sounds and sound out unfamiliar words
  •      Phonological Awareness: knowledge of the sound structure of words (e.g. syllables, rhyming, initial and final sounds of words)
  •      Fluency: reading accurately, at an appropriate speed and with expression.
  •      Vocabulary: making sure your child understands the words that are read or heard
  •      Comprehension: understanding the author’s messages and responding to it  

What can you do to encourage reading this summer?

  •      Limit screen time
  •      Have your child read aloud to you regularly
  •      Read aloud to your child regularly
  •      Discuss the books you read together with your child
  •      Allow your child to select their own books from the local library or book store
  •      Have a wide range of books available for your child to read’
  •      If you are travelling an e-book can be an easy way to access a variety of books.

Happy reading!

Miss Patricia Kazacos – Learning Enhancement Intern


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