28 Jun 2019

Lindfield Music Concert


What an incredible evening we had last Tuesday.

The theme was inspired by “A Million Dreams” from The Greatest Showman. Dreams can be associated with a couple of things – dreaming while you are asleep and also your dreams – what you would like to do. This concert encompassed both meanings and a little bit more.

Having every boy in the school performing on the stage is a wonderful experience. Kindergarten and Year 1 boys sang in the whole school items at the beginning and end of the concert and joined Year 2 boys singing “Walk the Dinosaur”. There were lots of laughs learning this song, especially with the actions.

Year 2 boys had their musical debut playing their string instruments for a large audience for the very first time. This is the year that boys start learning an instrument and all that this means – the reading of music, the practice that needs to be done, the playing in an ensemble (playing together and listening to each other).

Years 3 and 4 both have a class instrument ensemble that they were in as well as singing “Pure Imagination” together. It was lovely hearing the sweetness of their voices singing this classic song from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory talking about possibilities. When they began learning this, I asked them to make a list of things that they would like to do and there was no limit with their imaginations. You should ask them if they remember what they thought of.

Some boys in Years 5 and 6 were in a number of ensembles as well as the combined choir who sang Avicii’s “Wake Me Up”. It was a lot of fun getting this together with the instrumental ensemble as well as a small group of iPad players.

Year 5 also played their Wind and Brass Instruments in two ensembles. Some of the Year 5 boys have also just started learning an instrument for the first time and they too are realising what this means – in particular, regular practice!

It is always a joy for me seeing the enjoyment on the boys’ faces at this concert. The sense of achievement and inclusion is a wonderful feeling. The boys had fun at the concert and I am hoping you also enjoyed watching them, listening to them and seeing the musical journey they are on or are starting on.

Vanessa South – Music Co-ordinator


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