28 Jun 2019

Respectful Relationships

Collaboration with the International Grammar School and St Catherine’s Girls School

The boys at Lindfield learn to develop respectful relationships in many ways, including through our social skills program, Second Step, and our focus on being a White Ribbon School (addressing the issue of domestic violence). To empower boys to become men of substance and resilience who make an active and positive contribution to society, we need to teach our boys the importance of building, appreciating and maintaining respectful relationships.

Again this year, the boys in Year 5 have been participating in collaboration with the International Grammar School and St Catherine’s Girls School to further develop their understanding and application of the concept of a respectful relationship. So far, this collaboration has seen our boys interact both online (through Skype and Google Docs) and in person as they explore the concept of respect and how this relates to contemporary social justice issues. The Mystery Skype session saw the boys and girls ask closed questions to find out each other’s school. There were many interesting questions asked and, in 5W, and we discovered each others identity at exactly the same time. 5B skyped with the children from IGS and 5W the girls at St. Catherine’s.

Earlier this term, we hosted boys and girls at Lindfield, spending the day in sessions involving problem-solving, drama and sporting activities. These were a great success as was lunch in Swain Gardens where everyone played together really well. Later in the year, the groups will collaborate on a joint excursion to promote respectful relationships.

The boys have found interacting with other students and schools a rewarding experience and have enjoyed the opportunity to build new friendships with the students at the International Grammar School and St Catherine’s Girls School. This valuable initiative, along with our work with Cromehurst School, is helping our boys to build and develop respectful relationship in our boys.

Philip Trethewey – Year 5 Teacher


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