28 Jun 2019

Year 1

As part of our current Unit of Inquiry on systems, Year One and Year Two have been collaborating to design, test and create chain reaction. The boys used dominoes and marbles, along with other chosen objects from around the classroom for their designs, testing to find ways that their chosen objects could function as parts of a moving system. Their investigations have led to new knowledge about push and pull forces and developed their understanding of the idea that the parts of a system are interdependent.

Our main skill focus has been communication. Throughout the unit, the boys have been working on developing their communication skills. They have been required to share their ideas, listen actively to the ideas of other boys, delegate tasks and present their work to their peers. They have also had to compromise and resolve disagreements to move forward with their design process and create a working system. The boys quickly realised that creating a chain reaction machine can be very challenging and at times, frustrating (one bump of the elbow can quickly send the whole system into motion, unintentionally!). In light of this, it has been a pleasure to watch the boys working hard at practising their communication skills, clearly expressing their opinions, ideas and acknowledging those of other boys. Well done Stage One!

Ms Hilder – Year 1 Teacher


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