07 Jun 2019

Words that Pack a Punch – Stage 1

In Year 1 and 2 we have been sharing our opinions and exploring how to persuade our audience through writing. There are two key elements of a successful persuasive text, the organisation of an argument (we have been using the OREO structure, Opinion, Reason, Engage, Opinion) and word choice (words that pack a punch!).
We have shared our opinions about whether we should squish or save an ant, written letters to Mr Barrington-Higgs and all the boys in Junior Primary and are currently trying to convince the whole school on what we believe is the best superpower. Our writing is currently in display in the library but here is a sneak peek of one or two of our sentences.
Sam – Telepathic movement is the greatest superpower. Imagine locking yourself outside, you could easily unlock the door!
Corbin – Teleportation is the most amazing superpower, it will allow you to go to a spa and be relaxed.
Christian F – The greatest superpower is map reading knowledge. This power will give you the spectacular ability to know all the roads in the universe.
Jackson – Incredible speed is the best superpower you could ever have. Imagine winning every single race you try!
Christian H – Have you ever wanted to make characters in a book come alive? Did you know you have had this power inside you all the time?
Ted – I believe that moving things with your mind is the best superpower. Imagine you are in the art room and paint brushes were falling on the ground, the power of mind control could stop the paint brushes making a mess!
Hamish – I believe that shape shifting is the most handy superpower. You must want to shape shift into a book so that you could read yourself.
Rhys – I believe the power of shadows is the best one you can have because if you get in jail you can escape with no one knowing.
Jamie – The wand of destiny is the strongest wand in the history of the world. It will devour a mess and clean it up in seconds.
Alex – I believe that teleportation is the best superpower you could possibly hope for. Teleportation allows you to get to work super fast and you can get to where ever you want to go!
Lucas – I believe that time travel is the best. It would let us see dinosaurs.
Jonathan – I believe that teleportation is the most amazing super power because you can go wherever you want!
Taichi – I believe that moving things with you mind is the most marvelous superpower you could ever imagine. For example, you are playing basketball and losing by a lot, you could just mind control the ball in the basket!
Ethan – Invisibility is the best superpower. It is great because you can rob sweet shops easily. You can also take famous art from art galleries!
Jake – I believe that fast reflexes absolutely rocks! For example, if the books are falling off the shelves I could use my super fast reflexes to stop them hitting the ground.
Oliver – The Elder wand is the greatest and most destructive wand ever. It lets you teleport and use every other power.
Carol Peterson – Year 2 Teacher


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