07 Jun 2019

Year 3 – Technology

Have you ever wondered what it would be like not to have an iPhone in contemporary times? The Year 3 boys were asked the very same question as a provocation to how technology has changed our lives.

Our current Unit of Inquiry has the transdisciplinary theme of How We Organise Ourselves which has been our second unit for the year. Our central idea is People use technology to solve perceived problems that impact on the world around them. Our lines of inquiry have been the impact of technology on society, the process of developing technological innovations and designing new technology to solve a problem.

One area of technology the Year 3 boys have explored is when they compared Google Maps to a street directory. They explored both of these items in great detail and compared the advantages and disadvantages with both navigational items.

The boys gained an understanding and appreciation of how navigational techniques have developed over the years from the ubiquitous street directory, which was an essential in everyone’s motor vehicles. Having to rely solely on the street directory for directions compared with the methods available now with global positioning systems, technology has come a long way, and even more remarkably on everyone’s mobile phone! The boys were fascinated with Google Maps and interestingly, not all the boys were aware that they could view the front of their own homes in this app. It was fascinating view for them.

Here are some of the comparisons the Year 3 boys listed in their books:

  • a street directory can’t run out of battery
  • easy to see big areas and can see different directions
  • a street directory doesn’t need charging and never goes out of range
  • sometimes Google Maps doesn’t give the right directions
  • the street directory will date over time and doesn’t show new areas
  • Google Maps is conveniently accessible in your phone
  • you don’t have to work out the route yourself as Google Maps does it for you.

Great work Year 3!

Leonie Russell – Year 3 Teacher









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