14 Nov 2019

Artist of the Week

K – 2 Artists of the Week

Jad Chami 1Y
Alexander Gregoire 1Y

Year 1 students have immersed themselves in different types of Portraiture.  Inspired by the work of Pablo Picasso, Jad and Alexander have created their own mixed media self-portrait.  They have drawn, painted and collaged in pencil, paint and paper to create them.  Year 1 used hand mirrors to look at their unique facial features and to check for correct proportion and details.  The boys enjoyed seeing their work hanging in the recent Wyvern Biennale.  Well done!

Yelena Rubie
K-2 Visual Art Teacher


3 – 6 Artists of the Week

Year 4

Year 4 painted carnivorous plants in preparation for their carnivorous plant sculpture. As part of their creative thinking assessment task, the boys were asked to come up with many varieties of plants with facial expressions. The boys also used their colour knowledge to use warm, cool and neutral colours on their work. Congratulations to Richard Wilson for his plant checkerboard artwork.

Year 5

The boys created ‘Changeling Monsters’, using ceramics and glazes. The boys were inspired by ceramic artist James de Rosso, focusing on his use of quirky characteristics within his work.

Congratulations to Fergus FitzSimons, Sam Gallant, Max Barry, Adam Younes, and Alexander Fulton for their beautiful ceramic pieces.

Year 6

Year 6 completed work using Australian mid century artist Albert Tucker as inspiration. Albert Tucker was an artist in WW1. He was charged with drawing the wounded soldiers in a hospital near Melbourne. His work ‘Parrots Attacking Faun’ is an example of his response to the war and the long lasting trauma for soldiers.

Congratulations to Finnbarr Hynes, Ryan Cordato and Zeke Kolenc for their original work in response to the work of Albert Tucker.


Meredith Buining
3-6 Visual Art Teacher

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