14 Nov 2019

Compassion in Action

Dear Wyvern Community,

You are being called to action…. Compassion in Action!  Have you ever thought about seeing the world from a different lens… the perspective of a child with cancer? an animal that is dying out….? communities with no sporting opportunities?… people suffering severe heart conditions or those who go to bed at night with as little as a cardboard box?

On 29 November (Friday of Week 7) Year 6 will be hosting a ‘Compassion in Action Expo’ day as part as their final Religious Education unit. In Term 4, Year 6 have been exploring the multilayered concept of compassion and how it provides a vehicle for changing the lens in which we look at the world around us. The boys were called to ‘Compassion in Action’ where they take it a step further by genuinely wanting to understand and have a desire to alleviate the suffering of another. This will culminate in an expo day where the boys will inform other young Wyvern men and staff about their charity and will organise an activity that the K-5 boys will participate in.

Therefore, Year 6 are asking for a gold coin donation on Friday the 29 November, Week 7 in order to help support their charities in need. The boys in K-5 will then participate in the Year 6 expo stalls while learning about the different small, large, profit and non-for-profit charities that need our help. All the money raised will be split across the multiple charities the Year 6 boys are fundraising for. A list of charities the boys will be raising awareness for is listed below. Please also have a look at the attached digital posters which demonstrate some of the incredible charities that will be showcased at the Compassion in Action Expo. More information will be provided in the upcoming weeks,so stay tuned!

“We can’t heal the world today, but we can begin with a voice of compassion, a heart of love and an act of kindness.” Mary Davis

Hand holding Poster

Paralympics Australia

Surf Life Saving

The heart foundation

Miss Leontios
RE Teacher

  1.  Little Legs
  2.  Smith Family
  3.  Dementia Australia
  4.  Make A Wish Foundation
  5.  The Heart Foundation
  6.  Boots For All
  7.  Asylum Seeker Resource Centre
  8.  Paralympics Australia
  9.  #Team Trees
  10.  Kids Cancer Project
  11.  EJ Whitten Foundation
  12.  Have Bear Will Run
  13.  Helping Hoops
  14.  Surf Life Saving Australia
  15.  Sea Life Foundation
  16.  Cancer Council
  17.  Humpty Dumpty Foundation
  18.  Starlight
  19.  World Wildlife Fund

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