14 Nov 2019

Year 3 Camp at Narrabeen Sport & Rec

Last week, Year 3 ventured off to Narrabeen for a 2 day camp. The boys had been looking forward to it since Week 1 of Term 1 and the experience definitely didn’t disappoint! Over the course of the 2 days, the boys participated in archery, low ropes, flying fox, kayaking and night games. The buffet style food pleased most of the boys as they crept up to get seconds and third serves. The fridge filled with fruit was a hit as the boys could access it at any time. We were extremely impressed with the resilience, perseverance, kindness and courage the boys showed. Their independence shown as they packed and unpacked their belonging and cleaned up after each meal. The boys are already looking forward to Year 4 camp! We would like to thank Miss Vuong, Mrs Edwards, Mr Jensen, Mr Naylor and Mr Wilson for coming along – we very much appreciated their support.

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