06 Sep 2017

A Letter From The Headmaster

Dear Members of the Newington community,

I have decided to retire from being Headmaster of Newington College at the end of 2018. It will mark ten years of service at Newington, twenty-seven years as a Headmaster and forty-four years as a school master.

Whilst I feel very sad about my decision I also feel the timing is right for both the College and myself. Sad because I love the core ethos of Newington and its community of boys, staff, parents and Old Boys. I have thoroughly enjoyed serving such a vibrant learning community with its proud heritage, a community that is actively engaged with social justice and character development.

I wish to continue to work and make a contribution to society beyond 2018 but it will not be as a Headmaster. At this point the next stage is unclear apart from having some time to be a grandfather, sail my small yacht and recoup a golf handicap.

I have been blessed with the support of key community members. Firstly, I acknowledge my wonderful team of senior staff and the quality teachers and non-teachers of Newington who all have a strong sense of vocation. Secondly, I have been blessed with a highly supportive and innovative College Council and two outstanding Chairmen in Mr Tony McDonald (ON 1976) and The Hon Angus Talbot (ON 1953). Thirdly, I have served a wider community of parents and Old Boys providing practical and greatly appreciated support and encouragement. Fourthly, I pay tribute to Judy, my superb wife, who has supported me to be an educator and educational leader. Forty one years of being very happily married helps nurture one’s morale and capacity to give back.

Lastly, and most importantly, I salute the boys, who impress with their respect for diversity, talents, contributions and strength of character. They have been boys actively working to discover what’s possible. The transition of boys of promise to men of substance continues to be inspirational.

The current in-depth survey results from parents, staff, Old Boys and boys will help the new Headmaster to formulate what must not change, what may or needs to change, and the timing and priority of any change.

I am comfortable in the knowledge that I leave Newington in a very healthy state in all core aspects of the College. Yet the restlessness to improve will be maintained as a feature of the Newington way.

Kind Regards,

Dr David Mulford