06 Sep 2017

The Future is New

Newington College Endowment Fund

Our Vision

The Newington College Endowment Fund has been specifically established so that by 2040 we are able to fully fund the equivalent of 100 full fee paying student positions at the College at any one time. These will be bursaries for boys with promise and proven socio-economic need. Providing a Newington education to these deserving boys is aligned to our theme of empowering young men to “Discover what’s Possible” and is central to our Community values of diversity and inclusiveness, as well as to our social justice program.                                                                                                                   
Bursaries already exist at Newington – be they Tongan boys from Tupou College, Sudanese boys garnered from our links with the Sudanese refugee community, Indigenous boys including the Chris Wild (ON 1991) Bursaries, or boys from any, and all, ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds. The Endowment Fund represents a carefully constructed way of making bursaries a centre piece of our social justice program, and of Newington more generally.

Newington was founded on the guiding principles of education for boys of all faiths and backgrounds. The Endowment Fund enshrines, and is true to, our Founders’ ideals.

Our Goals

In support of our Vision, our Goal is to build a fund sufficient to provide 100 full fee Bursaries on an ongoing basis. Over the decades and centuries ahead, this will mean changing the lives of thousands of deserving boys by providing them with a Newington education.

The goal is large but we are well on the way, with some 30 bursaries currently in place and through the generosity of individual Old Boys and Parents, others coming on line.

This journey will be a long one but one worth undertaking. The Council Chairman has set our Community its next goal and that is to raise $1.5 million by end of 2018. This date coincides with the retirement of our Headmaster Dr David Mulford and opportunities will be available throughout 2018 for you to recognise David’s enduring legacy through a contribution to the Endowment Fund.

The Endowment Fund has been seed funded by both the College Council and generous individual benefactors. Many of our Founders Society Members, those who have included Newington in their will, have identified the Endowment Fund as the beneficiary of their legacy. Indeed, we will receive in excess of $500,000 from Estates of recently departed members this year and their generosity will live on forever.

The College Council and our Founders Society will continue to support the Endowment Fund as they are able to do so. However, it is the generous donations of individuals now that will see us reach our goal. Without your generous support now, we will not reach our goal and many deserving boys will miss out. If we only reach 50% of our goal, over an average lifetime this would mean a startling 640 boys will miss the opportunity to ‘Discover what’s Possible” at Newington. More importantly, our society would be poorer for they missing such opportunity.

We must reach our goal and we can….but only with your generous help and support and with it starting now.

The Endowment Fund is ambitious but essential, if we are to keep Newington available for all boys, of all backgrounds. Will you help us meet this goal? To find out more, click on this link to visit our Foundation Website.

They say that one can only see so far because we stand on the shoulders of giants that have come before. Will you join us in being the giants for the next Newington generation?

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