20 Nov 2018

Creative contributions in Le Couteur House

On the 16th of November, Mr Kendal Warren, who works for the Independent Education Union, spoke to Le Couteur House regarding the cricket match he organises for a fundraiser. As he has a long-term association with the Le Couteur Head of House, Mr Graham Potter, he has used the Buchanan Oval to help raise funds for the Le Couteur charity. He came to Newington to explain to the boys in the House how a fun event such as a cricket match can be used to assist the community. This year the funds will be donated to CanTeen, however, as of 2019 Le Couteur will be supporting the Exodus Foundation and their mission to support the homeless off the street. Approximately $800 was raised on the day of the match. Mr Warren talked about contributing to society in a creative way, and this really rang true with a lot of the boys because it opened up opportunities they hadn’t thought of before, such as the cricket fundraiser. This idea of a creative contribution is what has driven a lot of people to help foundations such as Exodus and will continue to do so in the future.

Sebastian Wyatt (12/LE)


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