20 Nov 2018

Newington hosts Sports Science Seminar

Recently Newington co-hosted a Sports Science Seminar with Fusion Sports. Fusion Sports is a leader in Sports Science Support for hundreds of Professional Sports Franchises all over the globe.

The seminar’s theme was ‘Working with Emerging Talent’. There were three major presentations on the day.

Andrew Sharp who works for the Greater Western Sydney Giants described how they use vision taking software to determine an athletes ability to make fast and accurate decisions

Paul Hallam is an Australian track and field coach who currently runs the Strength and Conditioning Program at Cranbrook. Paul concluded that we should not fear speed training and that it is not necessarily the major cause of hamstring injuries. Poor programming and athlete consideration were far greater risk factors than speed itself.

I presented my strategies for improving performance and how we can get the most out of today’s youth. I also highlighted the importance of the athlete being able to switch on and off and also the need to be extremely efficient with our training. Another key issue discussed was how do we help to maintain enjoyment in our sports training?

A number of professionals attending the seminar were extremely impressed with the facilities that Newington offered. ‘What a wonderful space’ was heard frequently.

James Grigson from Fusion concluded the day thanking Newington and recapped the day; ‘As Emerging athletes we need to enjoy ourselves, train efficiently and smartly and to expose yourself to difficult situations in order to master your trade.’

Cameron Black
Strength and Conditioning Manager


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