15 May 2019

Concerto Competitions 2019

The Junior and Senior Concerto Competitions were held last week over two nights. Results are as follows:

Junior Concerto

  • First place: Matthew Tan (8/MO) and Aiden Love (9/PR)
  • Second place: Preston Zhang (7/LE)
  • Third place: Finlay FitzSimons (7/PR)
  • Commendation to: Ethan Kim (7/MO) and Brentson Lew (7/PR)

Senior Concerto

  • First place: Andrew Wang (12/LE) and Gabriel Haslam (12/KL)
  • Second place: Kevin Wang (11/MA) and Hugh Matthews (10/JN)
  • Third place: Joshua Roncolato (12/LE)
  • Commendation to: Christian McLoughlin (11/JN)Zach Razaleigh (11/PR)Spencer Hattersley (10/LE), Callum Stewart (12/MA) and Andrew Xie (12/PR)

Congratulations to all boys who took part!


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