08 Aug 2018

SchoolTV: Boys and body image

Body image – how we think and feel about our body – is the focus of the latest edition of SchoolTV. The series is presented by Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, who recently spoke to parents and staff at the Stanmore campus about raising teenage boys.

It’s natural for young people to think about how they look, but an increasing number of adolescent boys are developing a negative view of their own body. Concerns about height, muscularity and body fat are particularly common among boys.

The influence of image-based social media and changes in how advertisers target young men are partially responsible for this shift, but parents also play a crucial role in helping their children understand that body shape and size don’t reflect their value as a person.

This edition of SchoolTV explores what parents can do to promote a positive body image for their children and why it is so important to mental health both during adolescence and in adulthood.

Access the edition here http://newington.nsw.schooltv.me/newsletter/body-image


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