21 Sep 2018

Pastoral Care


At school, we value the interests and work of our students in many different ways and always look for opportunities to celebrate learning in authentic and meaningful ways. The use of SeeSaw to share learning is just one of those ways as it provides a window into the learning that is happening at the time as well as an opportunity to reflect on past learning.

To this end, we are excited about the opportunity that our inaugural International Market next term has and will continue to provide for students to engage in entrepreneurial pursuits as a class and also share their school environment with family and friends in a relaxed atmosphere.

The International Market will be held on Friday 16 November from 3pm to 7pm and all boys will be involved and expected to assist at their class’ stall for a short period of time during the evening (a class staffing schedule will be shared next term). When not working at their stall, the boys will be with their family enjoying what the market has to offer (food, games, market stalls, entertainment).

We currently have a planning committee consisting of the P&F Social Committee, Parent Volunteers and Teaching Staff who are giving up their time and energy to make this event possible which is much appreciated. We would like for this market to involve our students as much as possible so that it is a meaningful experience for them on many fronts. To this end the boys have been and will continue to be involved in the planning of class stalls and the general organisation of the market.

You will continue to be updated on plans via email and SPACES and will receive invitations early next term.

If you have any further questions or ideas regarding our International Market in Term 4, please do not hesitate to let us know via return email.


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