21 Sep 2018

Martial Arts Club – Term 3

Staying Current

True to this aim, we have been updating our syllabus over the past few months, and making some small changes to belt colours to further tidy things up.  In line with this, we have also updated our identity to Gendai Jujutsu; it is our hope this change makes it more obvious that we are a provider of modern self-defence.

Leader Program

You may have been at Assembly a few weeks ago to see three of our more senior Leaders, Marcus C, Jaiden S and Dylan H, receive certificates for their phenomenal achievements in our Leader & Instructor Program.  Oliver F and Lorcan B have been progressing through their first level in Term 3 and are proving to be keen newcomers to the Program.

Extra Day!

Happily, and because of our growing popularity, we are delighted to announce that in Term 4 we will be providing an additional day for Y3-6.  Boys who wish to train on both days (Tuesday and Wednesday) may be able to sign up for both after final numbers for each class are in.  The school is very good at organising activities, so this option will be advised in time for T4.  There are quite a few interested, which is nice.


As you may recall, the key difference between the two classes (K-2, Y3-6) is that sparring is introduced for the older boys.  We believe sparring is critical to learning self-defence skills, allowing students to use the techniques they learn in a more real-life way.  We take a significant amount of time to ensure students are able to handle this new activity in a manner that makes it safe for both them and their partners, and we certainly do not allow any kind of hard striking.  And no need to use those heavy helmets on growing bodies!

All the best for a safe and happy holiday break.


Sensei Marice


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