21 Sep 2018

What is going on in the Art Room?

The Unit of Inquiry that Kindergarten are exploring looks at materials and their properties. In Art, the boys have had the opportunity to use clay as a basis for their discoveries. The boys collaborated on what they knew about clay before venturing out to the bush classroom to make our clay forest faces. To help the boys understand how clay changes over time and how it’s properties transform, we will return to the Bush Classroom to see how much they have changed.

In Stage One the boys are looking at light in artworks, as well as identifying how artists use shadows and light in paintings. They created their own tin foil man to form a three-dimensional sculpture. As a part of this unit the boys also made shadow puppets, cutting out a shape and using cellophane to add translucent colour to their creations. The boys investigated a range of light sources when trying out their shadow puppets.

In Stage Two the boys are inquiring into the transfer of heat in artworks. After identifying warm colours and how warm colours are used in artworks the boys revised how to use ‘value’ in their work. Their work is displayed on the wall in the art room and they all look amazing. The boys have also painted work that demonstrates reflection and attempted work showing reflected light on water.

The boys in Year 5 have individually designed their own masks. After looking at a range of masks from around the world and asked “Why do different cultures in the present and the past use masks?” The boys focused on colour, line and texture when creating their works.

The boys in Year 6 have been highly focused and engaged whilst working on their ‘Catwalk Creations’ ready to share on Opening Night at the 2018 PYP Exhibition. They have taken PYP ‘Central Ideas since 2012’, (when they were in Kindergarten) and have made an artwork ready to share on the catwalk. A range of interesting forms and materials have been used in the creations, which they are excited to reveal very soon.

Kylie Bain – Art Teacher


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