21 Sep 2018

How can I support my child’s reading …..

Read aloud to your child.

Read together and take it in turns to read a page, turn the pages or discuss pictures.

Set an example and allow your child to see members of the family reading.

Set a specific time when reading is a priority for family members.

Share your own experiences of reading:

  • favourite books when you were a child
  • read for pleasure in front of your children
  • read you own book when your child is reading and share settings, quotes and characters
  • tell stories to your children and encourage them to make up an ending
  • give your child a favourite picture and encourage them to write a story about the picture to share

Add atmosphere when reading together:

  • read by torchlight
  • set up toys as part of sharing stories
  • read outside
  • in a cubby
  • record your child reading

Set the scene:

  • decide on an area where you can be comfortable
  • allow your child to choose whether they want to lie down, sit at a table, curl up on cushions or sit under a tree on a beautiful day.

Place a basket or shelf in an area where favourite books can be rotated and shared.

Have a notebook nearby:

  • so unknown words can be jotted down for future investigation
  • a new word can be written down for later use in writing
  • a question can be written down if reading independently
  • encourage recording of story ideas  

Go to a local bookshop and choose a book to purchase with their own money.

Encourage your child to read a series – just before each book in the series is completed by your child, send the next book to your child with instructions ‘not to be opened until the current book is completed’ – include a comment or perhaps a hint of what the next book might include.                              

Make a book about favourite stories – collect favourite stories from family and friends and create your own book.

Visit the local library or school library and choose a book together.

Do not isolate reading to books:

  • cook together and read recipes 
  • read articles together in the newspaper
  • ask your child to read the street directory (iPad) and give you directions to find places 
  • choose travel catalogues to plan your next holiday and read about locations
  • write a travel diary and share with family and friends
  • leave notes for your child – in their lunchbox, under their pillow, in their favourite book
  • add captions to favourite photos
  • television guide

Read interactive books on the iPad together. 

Play games that involve reading clue cards or directions – charades, Scrabble, BINGO.

Visit libraries and bookstores – look at covers of books and discuss what the story might be about.

As a special treat hide a ‘literacy gift’ – it might be a book, a favourite character toy from a book, a photograph of a book, a pen for recording notes or a special notebook. Write clues to find the item.

Always pack a book or two when travelling …… a pen and a notebook!
Happy reading…..

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