29 Aug 2018

‘It’s made me a better athlete’

Strength and Conditioning/Wellness manager Mr Cameron Black and Year 7 student Lance Haffenden, strength and conditioning, Newington College gym

Strength and Conditioning and Wellness Manager Mr Cameron Black and Year 7 student Lance Haffenden

Thinking about heading to a Strength and Conditioning session, but don’t know what to expect? Black & White asked Year 7 student Lance Haffenden about his experiences in the gym.

What sports and teams do you represent at Newington?

I play in the 13 Bs rugby for my winter sport and went on the rugby Gold Coast tour. In Term 1 I  played in the 13 As cricket team. In Term 4 I am going to play basketball and I am hoping to be part of the Newington athletics team for high jump and long jump.

You have participated in Strength and Conditioning sessions all year, how did you find out about them?

I found out about the gym from my brother who is currently in Year 10. When I started at Newington, I googled the times for when the gym was open on the Newington website.

What has been the most enjoyable part of going to the weights room?

The most enjoyable part of going to the weights room is working out with my friends while having the music blasting, and feeling pumped after the session.

How important is your physical fitness to compete in your sports?

Having physical fitness is an essential part to compete in all the sports I play as it helps me to strive for higher levels. Rugby is a contact sport where you have to be strong over the ball, in defence and agile out wide for the entire 50 minutes of the game. In high and long jump you need to be strong in the legs maintaining core strength, flexibility and speed. In cricket, running in at full speed increases the pace of the ball and running between wickets fast helps sets winning scores.

I mightn’t have the tallest, biggest or strongest natural build, but going to the gym helps me fill in the gaps to make me a better athlete.

If a fellow student asked you about attending the S&C sessions what advice would you give them?

If a fellow student was to ask me about strength and conditioning sessions I would say to them to give it a go. Look at when the gym is open either on the sign outside the gym or on the Newington website and turn up. Ask the coaches for a program, ask them about the different exercises and technique and be willing to learn and improve.

(With thanks to Strength and Conditioning/Wellness Manager Mr Cameron Black)

Year 7 student Lance Haffenden, strength and conditioning, Newington College gym

Year 7 student Lance Haffenden in the Newington College gym


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