29 Aug 2018

Winter Tennis update

The winter tennis boys this season showed great spirit on court, were enthusiastic in all training sessions, and were an enjoyable group of boys. Every member of the team was a pleasure to coach and were always ready with a smile. Special thanks and appreciation must go to Newington staff – Mary Triantafyllou (Miss T) and Newington coach – Marious Zelba, who worked vigorously across the entire season. Miss T, in fact, would regularly make herself available to take the court if there was someone missing or an extra player was needed to conduct the task at hand.

For Winter tennis this year we played some “Friendly” matches against Joeys, Riverview and Trinity.

The boys played essentially three different divisions against each school in both singles and doubles rubbers. Newington managed to remain undefeated overall for each week of the competition.

Also as part of Winter Tennis, Newington conducts internal Winter Championships for Singles and Doubles.

Congratulations to Angus Mackie-Williams (12/PR), Singles Winner, Richard Ge (12/PR) Singles Finalist and Doubles Winner, Long Pham (12/MO) Doubles winner.

Chris Steel
Head Tennis Coach


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