29 Aug 2018

The Heart of a Great Leader

Mark 10:45 ‘…For the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many…’

Leadership is never about what we can gain from others, but rather about enhancing, inspiring and promoting the best interest of others. On the walls of the Newington Chapel are the names of great philosophers, scientists, artists and the like, but also great leaders; Lincoln, Gandhi, Alexander the Great. These leaders are remembered not for their position, status, power or sphere of influence, but for their qualities, their character, their commitment to those they served and for the legacy they have left for all of us today.

At Newington, we will soon elect our leaders for 2019. They will follow the wonderful leaders of 2018, including

this year’s senior prefect team of Lachie Mcintyre (12/JN), Alex Humphreys(12/JN) and Matt Dyster (12/FL). The culture we continue to build on is premised by the message in this Mark 10:45 verse.

If we consider the themes our Year 12 our leadership groups have chosen over the past three years, we can see the undercurrent of what defines true leadership at Newington:

2016 – ‘Value you, support him, stand by her’

2017 – ‘My strength is your support’

2018 – ‘One for many’

These mottos are all about others. What can we do to strengthen, encourage, get alongside, support and value others using the strengths we have? This is what leadership at Newington is all about.

Not all leaders on the world stage have shared this same essence of purpose. We don’t see Adolf Hitler’s name on our walls, nor Saddam Hussein’s, Rameses the Egyptian Pharaoh’s, Julius Caesar’s or even notable contemporary leaders. Great leadership is never defined by one’s sphere of influence, but rather by contribution and dedication to the lives of the individuals under their care. Great leadership is always about others, aptly modelled by the life of Jesus; ‘For the son of man did not come to be served, but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many’.

Every Newington student will have the opportunity to lead in some form throughout their lives; captains of sporting teams, College prefects, managers and directors of companies and business teams, not to mention dads, husbands and the like. For our boys to become great leaders, choosing to embrace a desire to serve others will ensure an exciting future for us all.

Rev. Geordie Barham
College Chaplain


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