23 Jun 2017

eSafety at home

My name is Tony Cross and this year I have taken on the exciting role of supporting the effective integration of ICT into teaching and learning at Wyvern and Lindfield Preparatory schools. After 6 years of classroom teaching and team leadership at Wyvern, this year I am working with both teachers and students across the two preparatory schools to integrate technology into teaching and learning programs in a meaningful and effective manner. I am thoroughly enjoying meeting and connecting with the Lindfield school community. 

Our boys are engaged with technology both in and out of school. As educators we need to ensure that technology is being used to enhance the learning experience. Through researched based pedagogy, this year, students will engage in accessing, manipulating, creating and using teachnology to display knowledge and understanding of concepts taught in lessons. I am extremely excited to be able to collaborate with the teachers and students from Kindergarten to Year 6.

Boys are heading online into a world that is full of wonder and the unknown. How do we ensure that they are equipped with the right tools to dive confidently into using and interacting with the internet?

There have been lots of articles and many online publications produced, however, an excellent place to start is through www.esafety.gov.au. Here you can access an excellent collection of articles, interactive games and publications that will assist you in establishing and maintaining valuable conversations with your children.  

Something I like to refer to when initiating the conversation about eSafety is the use of the helpful tips outlined at https://www.esafety.gov.au/education-resources/iparent/staying-safe/online-basics

Here you will find really basic and effective tips to help build confidence for both you and your child. The three basic tips outlined in the article are: 

  1. Communicate openly with your kids
  2. Use technology tools to keep them safe
  3. Encourage safe and responsible behaviour

source: www.esafety.gov.au

Engaging in these three basic strategies early on will help your child guide their way through the complexities of the online world. It is such a powerful tool that when used inappropriately can do so much damage. We are all responsible in educating our children on how to use the Internet properly. Let’s do the right thing and help them along the way.

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