23 Jun 2017

Mini Olympics 2017

What an Event!!

Fundraising was finished, boys were ready, parent helpers were ready, teachers were ready and our honoured guests from Special Olympics Australia were ready … Let the games begin!

Over $12,000 was collected by our 202 students with special mention to the highest fundraisers in Junior Primary (Kevin Liu) and Primary (Jack Mannix).

The boys had such a wonderful time competing in all manner of events from noughts and crosses to sack races to gymnastics to tug of war and more.  Being able to meet Olympic athletes is always exceptional but to be able to have them here with the boys for the entire morning was, as always, a real treat.  It was lovely to see some of the athletes we met last year returning again to spend time with our boys.

The day ran smoothly due to the extensive planning and involvement of our P&F committee and parent helpers.  Special thanks to Julianne Ashworth, Deb Burt, Sylvia Chen, Anita Chronis, Kate Hooke, Gloria Knight, Toni Lising, Andrea Malmquist, Suzie Preston, Carmen Roche, Judy Ryan and Vicky Sharp.  Thanks too go to our Year 6 boys who displayed great leadership in running these events.  

Many photos were taken by Anita Chronis and Eva Angel below are just a few.













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