23 Jun 2017


Our busy urban lives can make it easy for us to take certain things for granted. These days, the local supermarket offers a various array of products essential to our day to day living, such as dairy products and eggs. With these conveniences, the understanding and appreciation for the environments that produce these basic necessities can be lost. Our current Unit Of Inquiry has a central focus on exploring the impact of human choices on these environments. 

On Thursday 8 June our very excited Kindergarten boys went on their first excursion to Calmsley Hill City Farm. The School Bus collected our Kindies from outside their classroom and took them on their way to the Farm where they were introduced to animals such as baby goats, sheep, chickens, cows and dogs, among others. The boys learnt about the origins of some of our purchased products and the importance of awareness when it comes to these animals and their habitats. 

During the fun filled day, the boys participated in various activities such as milking a cow, patting baby goats and chickens, riding on a tractor and watching a working dog show. We learnt where wool comes from and to end the day, we were lucky enough to watch a farmer sheer a sheep. 

The rain that had held off all day finally started to fall just as we got on the bus to return to school. It’s timing was perfect, soothing our tired boys into a nap on the way home after such a busy day.

Thank you to Miss Smallhorn and the parent helpers for making the excursion possible.

“I was a bit scared of milking the cow but I loved it” – Christian H

“I loved going on the tractor ride, it was the best excursion ever” – Jackson

“It was really fun because we got to milk the cow and watched the shows” – Sam

“I liked watching the whip show and milking the cow” – Ethan

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