23 Jun 2017

Faith Matters

Rivers not Reservoirs!

One reason the Dead Sea is a big tourist attraction is because it’s got such high mineral concentrations that even non-swimmers can stay afloat in its waters. The only problem is that, because it has no outlets, any fresh water that comes in quickly becomes contaminated. Solomon said, “Be stingy and lose everything. The generous … prosper.” God never intended us to be reservoirs that just take in; He called us to be rivers that flow out to bless others. Something interesting happens when you stop focusing on yourself and get concerned with other people’s needs.

So if you need a job today, volunteer at a soup kitchen while you’re looking for work. If you’re praying for an increase in your business, pour yourself into somebody else’s business and ask God to prosper them. The Bible says when you “Give generously … your gifts will return to you later”. Even if you don’t have a specific need right now, sow a seed of kindness anyway. Only God knows what the future holds, and one day when you need it the most, it’ll come back to bless you with a harvest.

Rev Peter Morphew


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